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Why choose Vardy Thoroughbreds?

Do you want to have fun, value for money and enjoy a great social racing experience?

We want to provide you with memorable experiences, first and foremost through racing, but we will also provide open and honest communication.

We aim to have monthly BBQ’s at our trainers stables, sponsored race days and various social events throughout the year.

Can I buy more than one share?

Yes of course. You may opt to buy multiple shares in as many of our horses as you like.  A lot of owners like to have a share in more than one horse, the major benefit being that while one horse is in the paddock, the other could be out at the track earning you prize money!

How will I be updated on my horse’s progress?

Communication is paramount! Vardy Thoroughbreds will be updating you at least once a week with video/photo and voicemails from your trainer via email.

When your horse is in full work you will constantly be updated, sometimes 3 times per week.

When your horse is spelling I make regular visits to the farm for photos and video.

Who will be my horse’s trainer?

Brooke Somers of Somerstone Thoroughbreds is Vardy Thoroughbreds trainer. Brooke has been training full time since 2016. Not only is Brooke gaining a reputation as being an exceptional trainer, she also implements some equestrian training into each horse, which not only breaks up the day to day routine of stable life, but also gives them a head start post-race career.

Brooke has worked with some legends of the sport, including Gai Waterhouse, Bart Cummings, Joe Pride, Graeme Rogerson and Robert Heathcote. Brooke is based at Hawkesbury racecourse, on the outskirts of western Sydney.

Where will my horse spell?

Paringa stud-Gresford, NSW. Reggie and Beau Blundell own and operate this purpose built thoroughbred farm in the Allyn Valley on the banks of the Paterson River.

Paringa Stud specialises in spelling, agistment, stock handling and growing out.

Reggie spent 22 years working  for and managing stud farms such as Torryburn and Vinery, and is utilizing those skills to give the horses under her care the best treatment available.

How is the prize money distributed?

Prize money is distributed and paid directly by all relevant Racing Authorities as follows-

  • Trainer 10%
  • Jockey 5%
  • Strapper 2%
  • Owners 83%

Can we vote on the name of the horse?

Yes! All owners are able to nominate a name/s for their horse. All collected names will then be voted on via a points system.

Please note-most tried horses are generally named before we buy them.

What is racehorse syndication?

Racehorse syndication is a fantastic way to buy a racehorse, for a fraction of the cost. All shares are sold on a 5% basis, therefore your cost will always be 5% of any expenses.

What’s included in the share price?

The share price includes costs which are incurred in the buying process. All costs are clearly outlined in the PDS.

Most of the costs are as follows-

  • Purchase price of the horse
  • Bonus schemes for race series
  • Sale day costs
  • Floating (transport)
  • Vet check
  • Registration fees
  • Breaking in
  • The PDS provides all associated costs

How much are the fees and how are they invoiced?

Vardy Thoroughbreds charges a management fee of  $40 per month per share.

Training fees will be charged directly by the trainer. The fees charged by the trainer will include, but not limited to, training, farrier, trial/track fees, chiropractor, floating.

On average, for a 5% share, the cost should average out at approximately $50 per week.

All accounts and fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

When your horse is at its peak in training, the bills will be higher, but when they’re out spelling in the paddock the bills will of course be lower.

Fees and approximate costings are outlined in the PDS.

Will my name be in the racebook?

Racing NSW allows up to 20 owners (5% share) to have their name in the racebook and enjoy full race day facilities, which include free entry, racebook, entry to members area. You also have access to the mounting yard for your nominated race!

Can I come and inspect the horse?

Yes, we encourage it! Our trainer is very accessible however we do encourage you to make contact with Vardy Thoroughbreds first so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

What happens to my horse when it finishes racing?

If your horse is a filly or mare, there is a good chance she can go on to be a broodmare.

If your horse is a colt or stallion and he has performed remarkably well on the track, once again there’s every chance he could go on to a career at stud.

If your horse is a gelding he is more than likely to be re-homed and re-trained to have a career as a equestrian horse, or a hack.

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Our goal is to find winners at an affordable price, whilst having fun along the way.

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